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When I first started wearing wigs I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, no clue whatsoever. There’s a lot of information out there, but don’t panic. I’ve got you. In this section I’m putting together all of the information I wish I’d known from the get go. 

Everything You Need to Know About Wigs

wigs 101

Entering the world of wig wearing can be overwhelming enough on its own, let alone figuring out what the heck all of the different terminology means. Reading a wig description can feel like you’re deciphering hieroglyphics. So rather than having to look up each individual term, I’ve put together (and will continue to add to) a resource that’ll have you speaking wig lingo in no time.

Wig Lingo

Let’s start with the basics. 

  • Delicate
  • Knots may be visible
  • Bio hair can be visible underneath (however there are ways to hide your bio hair)


  • Light weight
  • Breathable
  • Lays flat
  • Lower density


Lace top wigs seem to be all the rage right now. Which is understandable because they are light weight, breathable and lay very flat. This type of wig uses a piece of delicate lace material for the scalp area and hairline of the wig. It is all one piece, so there is no transition at the hairline. The part can be changed anywhere within the lace area. Hairs are individually hand tied/knotted to the lace. With this construction you will notice what looks like “fly away” hairs. These are what is known as return hairs, or shorter hairs that result from the hand tying technique. They are totally normal and can be tamed with styling. (Related terms: bleached knots, return hairs)

Lace Top Wig 





This type of wig has lace along the hairline only. It is constructed using a silk top and lace front. It can be seen as having the best of both worlds. The durability and realistic looking part provided by a silk top and the natural looking hairline provided by the lace front. Hairs are individually hand tied into a delicate lace material that runs along the front (or hairline) of the wig giving the illusion that the hair is growing out of your head. The silk top provides a realistic looking part line because the knots are not visible as they are tied underneath the silk material. There is a transition between the silk top and the lace front. There should not be a large bump or “step up” from the lace to the silk top. A good lace front wig will have a transition that is nearly undetectable. (Related terms: silk top wig, bleached knots, traced hairline)

Lace Front Wig 





You might also hear this type of wig referred to as a “skin top.” In my opinion a silk top (whether it is a silk top wig or a lace front wig) provides the most realistic looking part line. Silk tops are just that, they have a layer of pure silk material on the top of the cap to mimic a scalp. The hairs are secured to the wig with the knots tied underneath the silk material, making the knots completely invisible. This gives the appearance of hair growing right out of your scalp. This type of wig does not have any lace and does not provide a built in hairline. This type of wig is great for blending your bio hair along the hairline.

Silk Top Wig 

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Eager for more Wig Lingo?

xx, Jess

Let’s go back to the beginning. It was a sunny, 72-degree day in Ma…okay maybe we don’t need to go into that much detail. But I do remember that the day I bought my first wig was May 12, 2021, and that date sticks out because it was 2 days before our 10th wedding anniversary. 
After showering that morning I stood in the mirror and for that brief moment, before I combed my hair, I thought maybe today is the day that my hair will stop falling out. Maybe today my comb won’t be full of hair. But May 12th was not that day. When I pulled the comb away from my head it took with it a tumbleweed of hair. And almost immediately the pit in my stomach that had been forming daily made its appearance, the lump in my throat began to rise and the tears began to flow. This had become part of my morning routine. 
I went downstairs to the world’s most loving, patient, wonderful (and ridiculously good-looking) husband and cried about my hair, again this had become part of my morning routine. Alex had gently brought up the idea of a wig multiple times before which I had previously met with a scoff and an “absolutely not.” But this time when he suggested it, I think was just so exhausted by the whole hair loss ordeal and wanted so desperately to find a solution, that I agreed. I did a little googling and Lena’s Wigs had the prettiest website (I don’t recommend using the “who has the prettiest website” method for choosing a wig shop, but it definitely worked out in my favor), so I called and was able to get an appointment for later that day.
The drive to that appointment was a whirlwind of emotions. Angry, sad, frustrated, nervous, anxious, yet hopeful and a little excited that maybe, just maybe a wig could be the answer. I had never liked my hair, it was always my biggest insecurity, so maybe being able to pick out the exact hair I’d always wanted wouldn’t be so bad, right?
That appointment changed my life. I wish everyone could have a local Lena. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but Lena made the entire experience feel so normal, it was actually fun! We didn’t talk about my hair loss, it was all about finding my dream hair. And let me tell you, once you try that first wig and realize how incredibly beautiful and realistic they are, you’ll be hooked. Lena talked all about the different cap constructions, the pros and cons, and the hair itself. But I don’t think I absorbed all the info, because I was just sitting there, running my fingers through this gorgeous wig thinking “why didn’t I do this sooner?!” I tried on a bunch of wigs, but a stunning dark brown silk top was the winner. I took the picture above as soon as I got in the car after my appointment. I felt like a rockstar. And the rest is history. Well actually there’s a lot more to the story, but we’ll save that for later.

The Day I Bought My First Wig

full video review

Let’s chat about the “Pearl” wig by UniWigs. Pearl is one of those wigs that as soon as I put her on, I felt instantly glamorous. She’s a stunning natural black color, in a 16 inch length with 130% density. Pearl is a lace front wig, meaning that the top (or scalp area) of the wig is a silk top and the hairline area is made of lace. The silk top gives a realistic looking scalp and this wig has a great transition from silk to lace.

Pearl’s cap construction includes medical grade silicone throughout the wig. Having the silicon strategically placed throughout the cap gives you the option to wear this wig without a wig grip. The silicone acts as a grip and will keep the wig in place (check out the video below for proof of how secure it really is!). If you’re someone who struggles with wig grips, a cap like this could be a great option! For a closer look at Pearl and more detailed info, take a peek at the full review below!

Pearl by UniWigs

full video review

If you love being able to pull your hair up into a high pony or bun, this pony wig is for you! The Alexandria wig by Gamini Wigs is an absolute stunner! You might be wondering what’s the difference between a regular wig and a pony wig, so let me explain. A regular wefted wig has the wefted sewn horizontally on the wig. This will allow you to pull the hair back into a low pony, but if you try to pull it up high it’s not going to look natural. With a pony wig, the wefts are sewn in a circular pattern, making it much easier to pull the hair up high. 

Depending on how high you like your ponytail or bun, you might want to consider using an adhesive for added security. The weight of the ponytail or bun can pull back on the wig over time and you don’t want the hairline sliding back! Check out the video below for more information!

Alexandria by Gamini Wigs

full video review

Next up, let’s take a look at the Paige wig by UniWigs. One of the things I love about this wig is the lightly bleached knots on the hairline and part line. This makes the knots nearly invisible! She’s made of 100% Remy human hair and comes in a natural black with brown shades color. Paige is a lace top wig which gives you the freedom to move your part anywhere within the lace top. This wig is easy to style and is equally gorgeous worn straight or curly! Take a peek at the video below for the full scoop!

Paige by UniWigs

full video review

I love the Dorothy wig because it’s a combination that you don’t see often, it’s human hair with a mono top. Most times you’ll see a mono top with synthetic wigs. So what is a mono top? It’s a semi-transparent mesh material that has each individual hair hand tied to it. It’s a bit more durable than lace. Dorothy provides a realistic looking partline and is ideal for those who like to blend their bio hair along the hairline. For more details, check out the video below!

Dorothy by UniWigs

Wig Reviews

Wig Talk with Lena

video series

Way back when, before Lena and I started doing our LIVEs we would get together to answer your most asked questions. Check out the clips below for some words of wisdom from Lena, wig guru and owner of Lena’s Wigs. You can also catch us LIVE on my Instagram (@hairlossgirlboss) every other week talking about all things wigs!

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Buying a Wig...Where do I start?

Love using this on my bio hair (use code JESS15 for 15% off!)


The best hair powder and I use it on my brows! (use code JESS25 for 25% off!)


I use Tangle Teezer brushes on both my wigs and bio hair!


I use this makeup powder in the partline to help blend and hide any knots


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